Video Streaming Player Functions

A Beka Academy is pleased to introduce video streaming. A sample video player appears below with explanation of features and benefits. Simply move your cursor over the numbers to view each feature. Also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to your questions.

Streaming Player Back button Next button Refresh button Suggested Lessons Video Library button Watch Lesson button I'm Watching Student Information Message Center Play/Pause button Stop button Status Bar Full Screen button Audio Control


  1. Back—navigates student to previous video segment in viewing library.
  2. Next—navigates student to next video segment in viewing library.
  3. Refresh—refreshes list of lessons in viewing library.
  4. Suggested Lessons—lists video lessons for each subject based on the earliest incomplete lesson. Students can select any lesson from the list to watch. Check marks indicate completed lessons.
  5. Video Library—provides listing of all lessons student can watch.
  6. Watch Lesson—initiates playback of selected video segment.
  7. I’m Watching—identifies video segment student is viewing.
  8. Student Information—displays login information. View Information provides additional details and helpful ABA links.
  9. Message Center—allows communication to students from ABA much like email inbox.
  10. Play/Pause—controls starting/pausing of segment being viewed.
  11. Stop—ends segment begin viewed.
  12. Status Bar—shows amount completed for the lesson being viewed. Dragging the bar forward or backward serves as Fast Forward or Rewind.
  13. Full Screen—toggles between full screen and window viewing.
  14. Audio Control—allows volume adjustment.