Jaffé Music Courses

Dr. and Mrs. Jaffe
Dr. and Mrs. Alberto Jaffé

Dr Jaffe teaching a student The Jaffé Music Courses program can be used in a church group setting.

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The Jaffé Strings method

by DVD brings a master strings teacher into your home to teach violin, viola, cello, and bass and launch your student into a lifetime of music appreciation and performance. All you need to provide in addition to a musical instrument is a TV, a DVD player, and a person with general music training who can ensure that the student follows the DVD instruction.

In the Jaffé Strings method, lessons are taught in groups rather than individually. Lessons can be divided into time periods to fit any schedule, although it is recommended for a minimum of three sessions per week.

This concept helps in several ways:

  • It gives a strings student contact with other elements of music, such as harmony and counterpoint, which are absent in individual lessons.
  • Each student is a support for the others. He enjoys a group in which everyone has the same goals, the same difficulties to overcome, and the same excitement over new achievements.

Dr. Alberto Jaffé


When Alberto Jaffé was eight years old, he performed his first public violin recital in his native Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He went on to have a successful music career and won many national and international awards. He extensively toured many countries with his wife, pianist Daisy de Luca Jaffé, and performed as a soloist with several orchestras in Brazil, Israel, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Central America, Mexico, and the United States. After postgraduate work in Cologne, Germany, under the great master Max Rostal, he directed the Pro Arte International Summer Courses and several other international courses and was elected president of the São Paulo Music Committee for two years. From 1982-1985, he was the co-director of the Music Department of the National Academy of Arts in Champaign, Illinois, as well as a violin, viola, and chamber music professor at the University of Illinois. Dr. Jaffé greatly influenced the Brazilian musical scene after creating the Jaffé Strings method in the early 1970s in cooperation with his wife. The Jaffé Strings method had its start in the Jaffés’ home with their own children. They saw their sons losing interest in their music lessons when they practiced alone. However, when their young friends came over and played music with them, they all enjoyed the practice time. As a result, Dr. Jaffé began teaching beginners in group lessons, and the drop-out rate was reduced dramatically! In time, the Jaffés’ work came to the attention of the Brazilian government, which asked them to start a national program. Over 400 teens from poor families with no musical background applied for the first program. Over 150 students who started using this method as beginners are now professional strings players and conductors in various orchestras all over the world. The Jaffés constantly revised and added to the program, conferring with numerous other music professionals for ideas and teaching concepts to enhance their own basic plan. The result is this program available on DVD. Dr. Jaffé was an artist in residence at Pensacola Christian College from 1994 until he went home to be with the Lord in 2012.

Relaxation Techniques for Advanced Piano Students

by Daisy de Luca Jaffé

Using principles gleaned from her mentor, the world-famous pianist Magda Tagliaferro, and from her own extensive experience as a performer and instructor, Mrs. Jaffé has developed this 12-lesson DVD series (average lesson length: 50 min.) for advanced pianists to teach proper methods of practice and performance with emphasis on muscular development and relaxation. Designed for use by teachers and students, the course employs a variety of exercises, including the Beringer Daily Technical Studies, to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance, and to refine technique.