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K5 Classroom Teacher

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Bible Writing
Numbers Skills Development
Phonics Activity Time
Phonics Review Language Development


Bible Activity Time
Phonics Numbers
Writing Skills Development

Grade 1

Bible Reading (Zebra A.M.)
Phonics/Language/Spelling Arithmetic
Activity Time

Grade 2

Bible Phonics/Language
Reading (Frogs A.M.) Arithmetic
Spelling Activity Time

Grade 3

Bible Arithmetic
Language Spelling/Poetry

Grade 4

Bible Arithmetic
Language History

Grade 5

Bible Arithmetic
Language Spelling/Vocabulary/Poetry

Grade 6

Bible Arithmetic
Language Reading
History Science

Grade 7

Bible 7 English 7
World History 7 Basic Math
Life Science

Grade 8

Bible 8 Earth and Space Science
English 8 U.S. History 8

Grade 9

Hebrew History: Kings of Israel Health
English 9 World Geography
Physical Science Algebra 1

Grade 10

Bible Doctrines English 10
Algebra 2 Consumer Math
Biology Biology Lab
World History Spanish 1

Grade 11

New Testament: Jesus and His Followers English 11
Life Management Business Math
Plane Geometry Chemistry
U.S. History  

Grade 12

Old Testament: Genesis American Government
Precalculus English 12


Physics Document Processing
Keyboarding Spanish 2
Speech Family Consumer Science

New Edition—Available for enrollments with a begin date later than August 8, 2016.
‡ Biology Labs included in ABA Biology program.
** Old Edition—Only available for enrollments with a begin date no later than June 13, 2016.

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