K5 Kindergarten Courses

Mrs. Reese

Mrs. Reese


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Bible  (Old Edition)
Bible  (New Edition)
Skills Development  (Old Edition)
Skills Development  (New Edition)
Phonics  (Old Edition)
Phonics  (New Edition)
Writing  (Old Edition)
Writing  (New Edition)
Activity Time  (Old Edition)
Activity Time  (New Edition)
Numbers  (Old Edition)
Numbers  (New Edition)

The K5 program is a complete instructional program offering a range of subjects including cursive writing, numbers, Bible memory verses, and reading/phonics. Your child will learn the letters of the alphabet and will learn to read phonetically (450-word vocabulary). Children find that the K5 program is an enjoyable learning experience.

Reading/Phonics – learn how to read phonetically with a 450-word vocabulary in readers

Writing – cursive writing letters, words and sentences

Numbers – concept and count 1 to 100, begin addition and subtraction

Bible, art, music, poetry, science

K5 Books

Materials List

The following Materials List contain the items required to successfully complete the A Beka Academy program.

Full Grade

  • Code Book Title
  • 100927 Art Projects K5--New Edition
  • 101109 Basic Phonics Readers--New Edition
  • 167193 Cursive Formation Flashcards (K)--New Edition
  • 99600 God's World K5--New Edition
  • 168467 Individual Number Card Kit Item
  • 100935 K5 Bible Activity Book--New Edition
  • 198064 K5 Video Home Teacher Materials
  • 198056 K5 Video Manual
  • 99511 K5 Writing Tablet Cursive--New Edition
  • 99252 Letters and Sounds K5 Teacher Key--New Edition
  • 99201 Letters and Sounds K5--New Edition
  • 182893 Miniature ABC Bible Memory Cards
  • 138533 Miniature Alphabet Flashcards--New Edition
  • 100943 My Blend and Word Book--New Edition
  • 99422 Numbers Skills K5 Teacher Key--New Edition
  • 99384 Numbers Skills K5--New Edition
  • 99562 Numbers Writing Tablet K5--New Edition
  • 100889 Social Studies K5--New Edition
  • 100897 Think and Learn K5--New Edition
  • 99465 Writing with Phonics K5 Cursive--New Edition

Books are available through ABA with an ABA enrollment. All materials listed above will be ordered for a K5 enrollment.