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Mrs. Reese


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Skills Development
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Numbers  (New Edition)

The K5 program is a complete instructional program offering a range of subjects including cursive writing, numbers, Bible memory verses, and reading/phonics. Your child will learn the letters of the alphabet and will learn to read phonetically (450-word vocabulary). Children find that the K5 program is an enjoyable learning experience.

Reading/Phonics – learn how to read phonetically with a 450-word vocabulary in readers

Writing – cursive writing letters, words and sentences

Numbers – concept and count 1 to 100, begin addition and subtraction

Bible, art, music, poetry, science

K5 Books Print Materials List

Materials List

The following Materials List contain the items required to successfully complete the A Beka Academy program.

Full Grade

  • Code Book Title
  • 198064 K5 Video Home Teacher Materials
  • 198056 K5 Video Manual
  • 100927 Art Projects K5
  • 101109 Basic Phonics Readers
  • 167193 Cursive Formation Flashcards (K)
  • 099600 God's World K5
  • 168467 Individual Number Card Kit Item
  • 100935 K5 Bible Activity Book
  • 198064 K5 Video Home Teacher Materials
  • 198056 K5 Video Manual
  • 099511 K5 Writing Tablet Cursive
  • 099201 Letters and Sounds K5
  • 099252 Letters and Sounds K5 Teacher Key
  • 182893 Mini ABC Bible Memory Cards
  • 138533 Miniature Alphabet Flashcards
  • 100943 My Blend and Word Book
  • 099384 Numbers Skills K5
  • 099422 Numbers Skills K5 Teacher Key
  • 099562 Numbers Writing Tablet K5
  • 100889 Social Studies K5
  • 100897 Think and Learn K5
  • 099465 Writing with Phonics K5 Cursive

Books are available through ABA with an ABA enrollment. All materials listed above will be ordered for a K5 enrollment.