Accredited Program

A Beka Academy provides report cards & keeps transcripts.

Video courses with master teachers are available in the Accredited program for five-year-old kindergarten and grades one through twelve. Under the parent’s supervision, students in grades nine through twelve receive credit toward graduation requirements and can earn a diploma from A Beka Academy. On a scheduled periodic basis, work is sent to the A Beka Academy Office for evaluation.

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A Beka Academy will provide . . .

  • all necessary textbooks, tests, quizzes, keys, and videos to complete grade/courses selected, based on program choice
  • manual with daily lesson plans
  • grade level placement based upon review of previous work completed
  • Boy working on schoolwork
  • an academic calendar
  • progress reports for record keeping
  • return mailing envelopes for student work and prepaid return labels for videos (available in the U.S. and most locations worldwide)
  • evaluation of student work for each grading period
  • a report card after each grading period
  • credit toward graduation once all lessons have been viewed, assignments and tests have been completed, and passing grades have been earned
  • high school course offerings to meet graduation requirements for college preparatory program of study
  • a diploma acknowledging completion of graduation requirements
  • an annual graduation ceremony
  • one copy of the transcript free of charge
  • academic assistance Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–4:45 p.m. CT (1-800-874-3592)

Age Requirements to Enroll in the Accredited Program

Grade Age Grade Age
5, 6 yrs.
6, 7 yrs.
7, 8 yrs.
8, 9 yrs.
9, 10 yrs.
10, 11 yrs.
11, 12 yrs.


12, 13 yrs.
13, 14 yrs.
14, 15 yrs.
15, 16 yrs.
16, 17 yrs.
17, 18 yrs.
Not available to those over age 19.


All applications are subject to A Beka Academy Office approval.

Enroll in sufficient time to complete the necessary course work for graduation requirements.

Alterations cannot be made to academic requirements for any course.

All student work becomes the unconditional property of A Beka Academy.

Class rank is based on the weighted GPA. It includes all students who graduate by May 31 of that school year.

A Beka Academy does not accept scholarships or federal funding.

Contact us for Summer School courses that are available for the Accredited Program, grades 9-12.

Your responsibilities . . .

  • Contact your local school district or home school authority to ensure compliance with the academic standards, health/immunization records, and attendance requirements for your state.
  • Inform your local school district that your child will be enrolled in a homeschool environment.
  • Send proof of previous work completed for enrollment in grades 2–9. This can be any documentation verifying successful completion of previous grade level, i.e. final report card, achievement test scores, annual evaluation, or home school records. In high school (midyear grade 9 or grades 10–12), credits toward graduation must be verified through official transcripts sent directly from previous school. If homeschooled, send high school homeschool proof of completion form.
  • Follow the high school course offerings.
  • Require students to watch all video lessons.
  • Provide parental supervision for all work; grade quizzes, projects, and tests; and check compositions.
  • Send the required graded work to A Beka Academy for evaluation in accordance with the provided academic calendar.
  • If applicable, return all DVDs to A Beka Academy within 12 months of the assigned begin date.
  • Return all student course work to the A Beka Academy Office within 12 months and in no less than 6 months from the begin date assigned by A Beka Academy.
  • Ensure that your student has met your state’s requirements for achievement tests.
  • Take a college entrance exam such as the ACT assessment (American College Testing Program) or SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Information regarding these tests should be obtained through your local school district. Use high school code 101388.

Enrollment Information

  • Students of any race, color, or national origin who are academically qualified may apply for enrollment. A Beka Academy reserves the right to deny enrollment to any student who does not meet admission requirements. A Beka Academy is not available to residents of Pensacola, Florida, and the immediate surrounding area.
  • Students may enroll at any time during the year; however, when enrolling for the fall, it is best to do so early in the summer. (Please keep in mind that July through September are our busiest months.)