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Video Streaming

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Frequently asked questions related to the video streaming program.


  • What is internet video streaming?

    Internet video streaming is a way to view videos using an internet connection. A Beka Academy’s application allows lessons to be viewed any time by connecting to the internet and accessing our direct video streaming technology. Video content is played by Adobe® Flash® Player 10, a cutting-edge technology that delivers smooth, top-quality, full-screen content without any buffering.

  • Are the classes live?

    No. These are the same classes recorded and used on our DVD program and are therefore available for viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This continuous availability provides both families and students great flexibility.

  • Are the DVDs still available?

    Yes, the DVD program is still available.

  • What if we have academic questions about the lessons viewed?

    Academic advisors are available to answer academic questions by telephone 8 a.m.–4:45 p.m. CST, Monday–Friday. Contact A Beka Academy Customer Service at 1-800-874-3592.

  • Can previous video lessons be viewed?

    Yes, students may view previously completed lessons.

  • Can video lessons be viewed in any order?

    Lessons may be viewed in any order for the Independent Study program. However, lessons for the accredited program must be viewed sequentially. Under either program daily subjects (English, History, Bible etc.) can be watched in any order.

  • What grades are offered through video streaming?

    K4–12th Grade

  • Will I still receive the books as part of the tuition cost?

    Yes, all necessary student and teacher materials are included.

  • Will the video streaming have the same picture quality as the DVD program?

    The picture quality will be comparable to DVD. The streaming video will be available in both small-screen and full-screen format.

  • What if we have to travel?

    If you are using a laptop with internet access and adequate connection speed, your schooling will not be interrupted.

  • Why would I want to select video streaming instead of DVD?

    This cutting edge technology allows you to view high-quality, full-screen video instantly on your computer. Parents no longer need to keep track of DVD shipments and returning DVDs on time or be concerned with misplaced or damaged DVDs. Video streaming also reduces production, shipping, and storage costs for the three sets of DVDs.

  • Is the curriculum different than the curriculum used on the DVDs?

    No, video streaming provides the exact same content that is provided on our DVDs.

  • Is video streaming available for both the Accredited and Independent Study Programs?

    Yes, both programs are available with video streaming.

  • Will we still be able to work ahead?

    Yes, a student will be able to work ahead. For the accredited program, a student may not finish any earlier than 6 months from their begin date.

  • How much time do we have to complete the program?

    12 months.

  • Can international customers enroll with video streaming?


  • What happens if I decide that I want to change my enrollment from video streaming to DVD or if I start with DVD and want to change to video streaming?

    Changing enrollment from video streaming or DVD is possible. Please contact A Beka Academy Customer Service (1-800-874-3592) to request this change.

Logging In

  • How do I activate my streaming account?
    This will need to be done each year that you use streaming.

    1. Click on the Homeschool Login tab in the upper-right-hand corner then select Parent Account. Enter your A Beka Academy account number and password (Note: If this is your first time logging in, enter your A Beka Academy account number and click on the question mark next to the password box and then select the Create a Password link).
    2. Expand the Enrollment Information tab by clicking on it, and then select Manage Student Accounts.
    3. Write down your student’s username and create a password that he/she will remember. Verify that the “Begin Date” is either today’s date or sometime in the past as the system will not let your student log in prior to this date. If you need this date changed, please contact our office.
    4. The account is now ready to view streaming lessons.
  • How do I log in to my streaming account?

    1. Click on the Homeschool Login tab in the upper-right-hand corner then select Video Streaming. Enter your A Beka Academy account number and password.
    2. Enter the student’s Username and Password. Please be sure to use a capital A and then a “0” (zero) and not the letter “O” in the username. Click the “Sign In” button to access your video streaming account.


  • What type of equipment do I need to receive internet video streaming?

    You will need:

    *See below for details.

  • Will video streaming work with Windows, Mac OS, or Linux?

    All of the above. Any computer that can run Flash® Player 10 is compatible. Please see the Adobe® Flash® Player system requirements.

  • What are the recommended system requirements?*

    A Beka video streaming uses Adobe® Flash® Player. Please see the Adobe® Flash® Player system requirements.

  • I am unable to view the sample videos. How can I check my computer?

    First check here to verify that your system has the most recent version of Adobe® Flash® Player on your equipment.

    Second, make sure your computer meets the Adobe® Flash® Player system requirements

    Third, check to see whether your firewall might be blocking your connection. The easiest way to do this is to temporarily disable it; note that you should not leave it disabled permanently.

  • Who do I contact if I have technical questions?

    Contact A Beka Academy Customer Service at 1-800-874-3592.

  • Will video streaming work on a dial-up connection?

    It may be possible, but A Beka Academy does not recommend video streaming over a dial-up connection. A high-speed internet connection will deliver the best experience for video streaming.

  • Will video streaming allow us to pause, stop, rewind, etc., like DVD?


  • Will there be pop-ups?


  • How many students can I enroll on video streaming?

    There are two main factors to consider: equipment and bandwidth of your internet connection. You may enroll as many students as you have computer equipment available. Typically a high-speed internet connection should support 2–3 students video streaming simultaneously.

  • What happens if I lose my internet connection while my child is viewing a lesson?

    Once your internet connection is re-established you will be able to start where the lesson was interrupted or return to the beginning of the lesson.

  • Why do I sometimes just get a spinning circle when I push the “Watch Lesson” button?

    Your computer may not be able to start a streaming session with the server. Normally, just pressing “Watch Lesson” again resolves the issue.

  • How many students can I have viewing streaming lessons at one time?

    The number of students who can view lessons on different computers at the same time is dependent upon the internet download speed. 1 Mbps of download speed is recommended per student when viewing lessons simultaneously; please refer to the chart below. Please note that the download speed is determined by the internet service provider, not the A Beka Academy website.

    Click here to test your download speed, and then click “Begin Test.”

      1 2 3 4 5 6
    6.0+ Mbps (6,000+ Kbps)
    3.0 Mbps (3,000 Kbps)
    1.5 Mbps (1,544 Kbps)
    768 Kbps
    Bandwidth OK for this number of students
    Should work, but will not provide optimal viewing experience
    Not recommended; playback may be low quality and/or choppy

Account Administration

  • What is my username?

    User names are sent to each student in the A Beka Academy welcome/information letter. You may also access all of your students’ names on the Manage Student Accounts page.

  • What is my password?

    Once your application is processed, visit the Manage Student Accounts page and create your password.

  • Can I change my password?

    You may change it at any time on the Manage Student Accounts page. Note that this page requires that you log in with your account username and password.

  • Can I keep track of what videos my student has watched?

    Yes, on the Manage Student Accounts page, select the “View Stats” for your student. Overall progress is listed by subject. Click on the “View Details” link for more information.


  • Is there a difference in cost?

    Video streaming is less than the DVD programs. K4 and K5 are $50 less. Grades 1–6 are $100 less. Grades 7–12 are $150 less.

  • Is the payment plan available with video streaming?

    Yes, the same payment plan is available with video streaming.