General Academics

General Academics

Frequently asked questions related to assignments, progress reports, and other academic areas.

  • Are you accredited?

    Please see the ABA Accreditation page.

  • What is the fastest method of enrollment?

    Enrolling online is the fastest method to enroll for Homeschool or enroll for Christian school.

  • Do research papers need to be sent to your office?

    It is not necessary to send research papers to our office.

  • Do we need to send you our book reports?

    It is not necessary to send book reports to our office.

  • What is the proper form for long form book reports?

    Long form book reports are written on notebook paper.

  • What is the composition assignment-I already returned my DVDs?

    Please contact our office.

  • What books are okay for a book report?

    Any book that meets the length and category requirements and is acceptable to the home teacher may be used for a book report.

  • Have you received my progress reports?

    An e-mail will be sent if you have supplied an e-mail address for your account. You can also access this information on our automated phone system at 1-800-874-3592.

  • How do I fill out the PE progress reports?

    For practice days, enter the time spent for the entire Physical Education class, including dressing out, warm-up, cool-down, and shower. For skills tests, enter the time for the skills test only along with the name of the skills test and distance if appropriate.

  • We forgot to call in the student’s oral reading. Can the student read today’s lesson?

    No, the student must read the lesson that is listed on the progress report.

  • What is the graduation date for this coming school year?

    Graduation is usually the second Saturday in May. Students will receive full details regarding graduation in the fall of their senior year.

  • We’ve lost our test. What do we do?

    Please contact our office.

  • Can I send in pages of a test that were missing?

    Please contact our office.

  • May I allow my student to retake the tests?

    A Beka Academy students may not retake tests.

  • May I be exempt from the final exam?

    No, all exams must be taken.

  • May my student use manuscript writing?

    Cursive writing is taught in kindergarten through 6th grade and students are expected to write in cursive.

  • May my students type out their answers?

    Writing assignments of 500 or more words may be typed. All other student work should be handwritten.

  • Do I have extra time to get my progress reports in after the “P” on the calendar?

    Progress reports should be mailed within two weeks after the "P" on your calendar.

  • Can you fax another copy of the student’s report card?

    An unofficial copy of your report card may be obtained through our website under My Account. Please contact our office for an official copy.

  • I lost my report card. Can I get another?

    An unofficial copy of your report card may be obtained through our website under My Account. Please contact our office for an official copy.

  • What is the student’s GPA and class rank?

    GPA is available for students in grades 9-12 by contacting our office. Class rank is determined for each graduating class. A class is composed of all students who graduate between June 1 and May 31 of a school year. The class rank is available at the end of June.

  • Can my students retake a course to boost their GPA?

    No. A Beka Academy does not allow courses to be retaken to help the GPA.

  • Can you send my student’s transcript to the school he wants to attend?

    Yes. Please contact our office for more information.

  • If my child has a question that I cannot answer is there someone I can call or e-mail?

    Yes. Please contact our office.

  • The video lessons go to lesson 170 but the calendar goes to lesson 180, why?

    A Beka Academy video courses are designed for 90 lessons per semester, but you only received 85 video lessons per semester. The additional 5 lessons per semester are designed for supplemental activities that are intended to enhance the learning experience; they include activities such as field trips or special events. The home teacher may decide what activities to do.

  • Does the science project need to be sent to A Beka Academy?

    It is not necessary to send the science project to our office. The grades for the required project sections are put on the progress report.

  • I forgot to send a test. Can I send it in now?

    You may send the test within 30 days from the date on the report card on which you first received the grade in question. Include a note with your Account and Student ID numbers.

  • When is my diploma coming?

    Diplomas are usually mailed 4-5 weeks after the receipt of a student’s final work and, if applicable, the return of all DVDs.

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