Admissions After Enrolling

Admissions After Enrolling

Frequently asked questions related to post enrollment and beginning of studies.

  • Do I need to send a transcript if I am enrolling in the Independent Study Program?

    No. Parents keep all the records in the Independent Study Program. Transcripts would only need to be sent if you are trying to earn official credit by enrolling into the Accredited Program.

  • What makes a transcript official?

    It must be mailed directly from a school office to our office. It cannot come from an individual, unless the student was home schooled.

  • When can I enroll for home school?

    Anytime; you can enroll at any point in the year. When enrolling for the fall, it is best to do so early in the summer as July through September are our busiest months.

  • I just received all of my materials; I don't know where to begin.

    1. Separate the books into teacher materials, testing/quizzing materials, and other student materials.

    2. Read the introductory information in the video manual(s) and Home Teacher Materials. (The kindergarten through sixth grade manuals include information for all courses. Beginning in seventh grade, each course is in a separate manual.)

    3. While reading the introductory information, write down any specific questions you may have and then contact our academic area with those questions.

  • How do I know if I am missing any items?

    Compare the items you received with the items listed on your invoice. If within one week of receiving your first box you have not received all the items listed on the invoice other than back ordered items, please send an e–mail to A Beka Academy.

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