Streaming Overview

Instant access to the complete A Beka Academy Video library

Video Streaming for Schools allows your school full access to the entire A Beka Academy video library. Never be without an experienced Master teacher for any grade or subject offered on A Beka Academy Video.

Video Streaming for schools is perfect for

  • Adding new grades or courses
  • Catching up students that have fallen behind
  • Substitute teaching for teachers who will be out short or long term
  • Summer school

Subscription/Viewing time

A yearly subscription gives your school full access to the entire A Beka Academy video library for 12 months. Viewing hours may be purchased in minimum blocks of 100 hours, and hours may be purchased anytime during the subscription period. Unused viewing hours will expire at the end of the subscription period; however, if the subscription is renewed before the 12-month period ends, any remaining time will be extended into the new subscription period.


Courses available on Streaming

K4 1st grade 3rd grade 5th grade
K5 2nd grade 4th grade 6th grade
7th grade 8th grade 9th grade 10th grade
Bible 7 Bible 8 Hebrew History Bible Doctrines
English 7 English 8 English 9 English 10
World History 7 U.S. History 8 World Geography World History 10
Life Science 7 Science/Health 8 Physical Science Biology
Basic Math Pre-Algebra Algebra 1 Algebra 2
11th grade 12th grade
Life Management Business Math Old Testament Physics
New Testament Plane Geometry Revelation Precalculus
English 11 Spanish 1 English 12 Economics
U.S. History 11 Chemistry American Government  
Consumer Math Business Spanish 2 Speech
Keyboarding Document Processing Family/Consumer Sciences  

For approximate view times for each grade and course, click here.

System Requirements

See Key 3—Right Classroom Equipment for system requirements.