Books Overview

for Supplemental Video Program

A Beka Academy’s Supplemental Video program is designed specifically for use with the high quality textbooks from A Beka Book. For your convenience, A Beka Academy has created kits specifically compiled for needs of both student and teacher for each grade/course. Kit list available in the Supplemental Video Application.

Each Supplemental Video School will need three key components to have a full curriculum available to match the video instruction.

Student Textbooks and Materials

We recommend every student have a Video Student Kit for use in the video school classroom. Order one kit per student for each grade/course. When the master video teacher refers to a book or worktext, each student should have the book or worktext available for use.

Video Manuals

Each teacher will need a video manual to help guide and instruct them in the use of the A Beka Videos.  These manuals are ordered once and may be reused from year to year.

Schools that have purchased a streaming subscription or are leasing DVDs may download FREE PDF copies of the grades 7–12 video manuals.

Teacher Kits

Each teacher will need the A Beka teaching materials listed in the Video Manual. Kits containing these materials are also available in the Supplemental Video Application. These materials are ordered once and may be reused from year to year.

Materials Cost

For materials pricing, please download or request a copy of our Supplemental Video Application.