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Enhance your school’s curriculum with video courses!

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Christian schools both large and small can benefit from A Beka Video Programs by adding a broader spectrum of classes and subjects to their curriculum if a qualified teacher is not available. Whether you need a whole elementary grade or just one high school course or elective, the Supplemental Video Program is your choice. An entire year of video along with the necessary materials and teaching aids are available to keep your school on track.


  • Supplement your school's curriculum without hiring a specialized teacher.
  • Use as a virtual substitute teacher whenever needed.
  • Can be used to fulfill in–school distance–learning requirements.
  • Provides an easy–to–use option for teacher training or classes for summer school.
  • All grades and courses use A Beka Book materials.

Media Options

Choose what option is best for your school

DVD Video Streaming
  • Available on a monthly lease basis for complete elementary grades or individual courses for grades 7—12
  • DVD is a proven easy–to–use media option
  • Online access to grade 7—12 Video Manuals

Technical Requirements

  • DVD–9 compatible video player
  • Viewing screen
*Download our brochure for full program costs
  • Entire video library is available with paid subscription
  • Video streaming allows you to access video courses anywhere you have a high speed internet connection
  • Online access to grade 7—12 Video Manuals
  • Ability to use online reporting tools
  • Ability to create multiple users and specify access to courses and lessons

Technical Requirements

  • High—speed Internet access with a 1 Mbps download speed per connected session
  • Flash video–enabled device
  • Viewing screen
*Download our brochure for full program costs


  • Have an A Beka Book account.
  • First–time customers must fill out and return New Customer Account Application.
  • Classes meet 5 consecutive days a week.
  • Classes meet for a minimum of 6 hours a day.
  • Classes meet in a location other than a home (i.e., church or school building).

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