Important Dates

August 1

Schools that are not planning to use the Master Video Program for the next school year must have all DVDs returned by August 1. If DVDs are not returned by August 1, the Lease Agreement will automatically renew for an additional one-year term, and the user will automatically become obligated to pay a Registration Fee for the renewal term, and a regular yearly Video Leasing Fee will be assessed.

Previous version DVDs must be returned by August 1. New/revised versions of video classes and all other orders will be held until the previous version DVDs are returned. This year's revised courses are:

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 4
  • History 8
  • Algebra 1
  • Health (9th Grade)
  • Biology
  • Spanish 1.

September 9

All DVDs that will not be used in the fall must be returned by September 9, 2016. This deadline includes DVDs for any grade or course for which a Video Student Kit is not being requested for the ’16–’17 Lease Agreement. If these DVDs are not returned by September 9, 2016, a fee of $400 per elementary grade and $75 per high school course will be assessed. (This date only applies to schools who have sent in their ’16–’17 Lease Agreement and are currently enrolled in the Master DVD program for the ’16–’17 school year.)

November 1

Updated Student Totals Report due date. Current student totals for all schools using the Master Video Program must be submitted between October 15 and November 1. Your school can use a student update form that will be sent at that time, or you can simply update your totals online.