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Ideal for New or Expanding Schools

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Even if you just opened your school’s doors—or you will be soon—you can have everything you need for your school to be academically successful.

With the Master Video Program, you’ll use A Beka Academy for all your subjects and grades. This way, you make sure your students receive a complete, thorough education with no learning gaps. They’ll be able to learn at their best through the logical introduction and review of content, with each subject reinforcing the others.

You’ll be able to maintain a complete academic curriculum with minimal staff. Your school will provide a classroom environment that encourages learning. The video teacher keeps each student engaged and learning, while the on-site teacher keeps your students on track and accountable.

Your school will be able to select the DVD courses for each grade and course and have access to the entire video streaming library.

Enrollment Plan

A Beka Academy Master Video Program also offers an accredited plan for your students. A Beka Academy can validate individual student work and provide accredited services to students in your school using this additional service (See Accredited Enrollment Plan for details)

Free Streaming Subscription

Each Master Video School receives a free streaming subscription plus free viewing hours with paid registration fee.

Streaming advantages:

  • Avoid DVD retainer fees as well as shipping and maintaining DVDs.
  • Backup for traditionally taught classes.
  • Backup for catching up students that have fallen behind.
  • Promote new grades or classes to prospective parents.

Download Free
7–12 Video Manuals

  • Grade 7–12 Video Manuals are available to download for free with your paid registration fee.
  • Video Manuals are in PDF format and are bookmarked for easy use.


  • Have an A Beka Book account.
  • First–time customers must fill out and return New Customer Account Application.
  • Classes meet 5 consecutive days a week.
  • Classes meet for a minimum of 6 hours a day.
  • Classes meet in a location other than a home (i.e., church or school building).
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  • Maintain a complete academic curriculum with minimum staff.
  • Maintain consistency between courses and grade levels by using one standard curriculum.
  • Access our complete library of online streaming video.
  • All grades and courses use A Beka Book materials.


  • Video instruction for all grades and courses (K4—grade 12) with online streaming or DVD.
  • Access to our entire video library with a low up–front cost and no monthly lease fees. Free viewing time of our library via online streaming is included.
  • A Beka Book textbooks, materials, and teacher materials.
  • Accredited Enrollment Plan available.
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